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Vocal Coaching

Why should I take voice lessons?

“I can sing. Why should I bother with voice lessons?" It’s true that some people are born with better singing voices, just like other people are born able to run faster. And just like practice running under the regimen of an experienced coach or trainer helps a runner run faster and longer while avoiding injury, training your voice under the guidance of an experienced teacher helps you sing stronger with a better range, more control, and less risk of straining your vocal cords.

We hear people ask if it’s safe for children to take vocal lessons. Of course it is! Vocal coaching helps children develop their natural instrument and avoid damaging it through improper technique. Children can be great singers, and vocal lessons can help them have more fun with something they probably already enjoy! Like most musical pursuits, learning to sing brings with it a myriad of benefits, including increased self-confidence, improved academics, and development of artistic and creative capacities, but unlike other instruments, your voice is always with you. People connect through singing, and song can be used to bring people together, both professionally and socially.

(Class duration: 30 - 60mins / Age: 5 years - Adult)

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