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Ballet is great for developing style, grace, good posture and strength. EPDA recommends that students new to dance consider ballet as it underpins other styles of dance by teaching self-discipline and pride in appearance. For a young child ballet is an ideal first choice as it helps with concentration and posture, making it easier to pick up other forms of dance whilst strengthening muscles.  

The basis of ballet technique is the turned out position of the legs and feet.  Our ballet classes work on improving alignment, strength, flexibility and musicality. We initially teach students to develop basic feet and arm positions with basic steps such as plies (knee bends), rises, point and close, sautes (jumps), petit jetes (springs from foot to foot), spring points and travelling steps (skips, running and gallops). We also teach Barre work which encourages strength, placing and turnout, preparing students for technically advanced steps.  

bbodance ballet examinations are offered when the Principal feels the students are ready.

(Class duration: 30 or 45mins / Age: 3 years - Adult)


Tap is a good choice for all age groups. Younger children enjoy being able to dance and make noise at the same time and more advanced students aim to achieve technically complex steps. Tap is a great choice for promoting a sense of rhythm and for strengthening and loosening the foot, ankle and leg muscles. A typical class will begin with a warm up, progressing through basic steps to more advanced routines which vary in length. The music used for tap can be a wide variety, ranging from jazz, show tunes and up-to-date pop music. Our classes are energetic and fun. Students develop a repertoire of technical elements, rythmic footwork, creative combinations and challenging beats.

If your child is caught between taking dance classes or music lessons, tap might be the answer. Tap is the most musical and rhythmically precise of all the styles of dance we teach. Tap develops complex motor skills, coordination, a sense of rhythm, and cardiovascular strength, all of which are important developmentally whether your child wants to become a dancer or not. Tap is a great activity for both the young and old because it easily modulates to any fitness level, meaning it’s easy to learn the basics, but also easy to progress. There’s also a strong link between the rhythmic musicality that is core to tap dance and improved mathematical understanding.

bbodance tap examinations are offered when the Principal feels the students are ready.

(Class duration: 30 or 45mins / Age: 3 years - Adult)



Modern & Jazz dance is fun. In these classes you will learn to develop many different movements reaching to a broad choice of varying rhythms and musical styles. You will develop Modern and Jazz dance technique, including preparation for turning, leaps and isolation movements.  Classes are structured in such a way so as to prepare students for the physical strength and flexibility required to demonstrate emotion through interpretation of any musical genre. One minute you may be dancing to instrumental music, the next to pop music. Modern and Jazz dance are a real opportunity for you to dance to express your feelings.

bbodance Modern examinations are offered when the Principal feels the students are ready.

(Class duration: 30, 45 or 60mins / Age: 3 years - Adult)


The term street dance is used to describe dance styles that originally evolved outside of dance studios in everyday spaces such as streets and school yards. Street dance is a popular form of physical exercise and an art form in its own right. Classes begin with a warm up, with work on steps such as turns, spins, kicks and leaps. Street dance is a very popular dance choice for young people and it helps develop rhythm, coordination, self-expression, stamina, strength and flexibility.

This is one of EPDA's most popular classes and when you are in it, anything goes. It's good exercise and great fun. You will learn a variety of routines to a wide variety of music, from pop to hip-hop.

(Class duration: 45mins / Age: 5 years - Adult)


This is a stretch intensive class to help the dance student with splits, roll throughs, crabs, bridges and general flexibility. At EPDA we highly recommend this class to improve general flexibility which is of the upmost importance to any dancer!

The program is focused on improving the dancer's strength and improving their understanding of each jump and turn. This helps keep all dancers injury free. After a long warm up, various exercises are taught that will help increase flexibility and suppleness. This is an energetic and challenging class but extremely rewarding.

(Class duration: 30 or 45mins / Age: 7 years - Adult)


Private lessons are available to all ages who wish to have private, one-to-one tuition. These lessons offer the opportunity for individual professional coaching on syllabus and non-syllabus work and can help with preparation for examinations, improving technique or just general development of skills.

(Class duration: 30, 45 or 60mins / Age: All)

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